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Trust therapy


Usually by the time an individual or couple seeks therapy, they have been struggling in their relationship for some time. Clients often describe to me that they feel like they are going around in circles; can’t move beyond the impasse. We can all experience relational pressures, confusion, frustration, grief, anxiety, loss and sadness at certain times in our lives. All Relationships hit bumps in the road and need to be worked at. Most of the time we can manage these challenges for ourselves, but sometimes it can seem hopeless and impossible.

Accepting help to manage powerful overwhelming emotions and feelings can feel shameful for some, especially those who have never embarked on any type of counselling before. When client’s commit to the process of therapy it can feel like a huge relief to feel supported in finding a new way forward. Some clients I have worked with have already decided the relationship is over and need assistance to facilitate separation as painless and amicable as possible.

At Trust Therapy my aim is to offer a respectful, additional, non-bias and neutral lens into your relationship. To enable you to explore what has and hasn’t been serving your relationship well. I offer a safe space to acknowledge personal thoughts, experiences and the feelings that are connected. Clients have at times shared with me that something important is missing from their lives but can’t always identify it.

I honourably review sessions along the way to ensure clients are finding the work beneficial. When the final session arrives, clients often have more clarity about their situation, and are better equipped to communicate their needs constructively for the future, along with a clearer picture of what needs to change.

No matter what your gender identity, sexuality or relationship dilemma, clients have reported feeling secure in a non-judgemental environment.

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We tailor a face to face therapeutic style in a comfortable setting to meet and follow the needs of the individual or couple, helping to gain more insight and awareness of any difficulties that have so far been challenging. Clients feel valued and able to tap into their own resources and ideas about what suits them.
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