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Psycho Sexual Therapy

Psycho Sexual Therapy is the use of ‘Targeted Counselling’ to help address sexual problems to help people overcome or manage sexual difficulties, improving physical intimacy between you and your partner.

This type of therapy is not suitable to treat individuals with Porn or sex addiction. If you are seeking Porn Addiction or Sex Addiction help please visit: https//

Upon completing your booking online our software will automatically send you confirmation of your booking, date, time and payment. You will be directed to a user friendly registration & short pre-counselling online form. Completing this prior to your session allows more time in the therapy room to discuss your circumstances. If for what ever reason this hasn’t been done this will need to be completed during your consultation.

During the consultation – Our first session together in considered a meeting which is really a two way street. It is essential that you find a therapist that you feel you can connect with. It is my responsibility to make sure that your circumstances, plus potential motivators for counselling are within my area of expertise. Should it become apparent that your needs would be better met elsewhere, I will always strive to suggest a more appropriate agency or therapist trained in specific modalities dependent on your situation. I will allow time near the end of the session to explain how therapy works and to share with you some frequently asked questions by clients providing you with an idea of what to expect and be aware of, and how I coordinate any future ongoing sessions.

Please note the consultation will run for around 40-50 mins.

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